Bobby Boswell DROVE All Night to Join Atlanta United

We must have a HUGE signing coming up that will require a lot of guacamole because making the player you just traded for DRIVE all night is a preposterous, poor people move.

For those who don’t know, Atlanta United traded a 3rd round pick to DC United for veteran defender Bobby Boswell.  This is a shrewd move by the front office to give up almost nothing for some much needed Center Back depth.

With Walkes establishing himself at RB and the stretch of games coming up we needed a move like this.  Zac Lloyd was placed on the MLS’s version of IR for the season to create space for Boswell.

While I’m pumped to hear Boswell is excited to join up with our beloved home team, making him drive all night to get here seems like a weird move.  That’s minor league baseball stuff.  I guess if we are going glass half full, at least he had the smarts not to take an uber like those dipshits from the Mariners.

Welcome Bobby!


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