NAACP Calls For Boycott Until Kaepernick Signs for NFL Team. Update: NAACP = Clueless

Fox5 Atlanta – The NAACP has called for a boycott of the NFL. The organization says the league treated free agent Colin Kaepernick unfairly for his headline grabbing protest during the national anthem.

The NAACP is asking Falcons fans everywhere to take a knee on the NFL. They say that means they don’t want fans coming to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the season opener or even watching the team on television.

“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career,” said Gerald Griggs from Atlanta NAACP. “This is not a simple request. This is a statement. This is a demand.and if Mr. Kaepernick is not allowed to pursue his career, then on September the 17th, at 5:00, we are going to have the world’s largest tailgate, and that tailgate will not go into Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We will take a knee, and we will continue to take a knee on the NFL until they act with one voice.”


Hahahahahaha…..wwwwwwhhhhhhattttt??  Gerald Griggs = Ambitious Thinker.  Demander of boycotts.

This world gets more ridiculous by the day.  There are a couple things to talk about here but let’s start with the obvious; if the NAACP thinks fans who have been waiting 6 months for football in the new stadium and paid hundreds, if not thousands, of American dollars for their tickets are going to sit in the parking lot in protest for ANY reason, let along Colin Fucking Kaepernick, they are crazier than I thought they were 24 hours ago.

Say what you want about the NAACP.  Say what you want about Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  Say what you want about Kaepernick’s ability.  This is NFL football and NFL football fans.  These are fans who choose to go watch gladiators bash their brains into an early death for entertainment.  What a weird choice to boycott.  They are FANatical.  It simply will not happen.

Maybe start with like the Peachtree Road Race or one of the WNBA games for the team here who’s name I’ve never bothered to learn.  You know, something people care less about than the NFL so that you can have some success with your boycott.  The result will be the NAACP making a huge stink about this, getting a ton of press, getting many people to support the action and then come 8:30 pm EST on that Sunday, 70,000 people streaming into the Mercedes Benz Stadium.  That’s not even mentioning the fact they are playing the Packers, who have fans all over the country and probably couldn’t care less about Kaepernick or the NAACP call to action.  EPIC FAIL

Lastly, clearly NFL execs think Kaepernick simply isn’t good enough to justify the distraction.  Tim Tebow is playing minor league baseball and won just as often.  Do you see Seattle cutting Michael Bennet or Richard Sherman?  Did the Eagles cut Malcolm Jenkins?  These players have all protested in similar ways to Kaepernick and are all gainfully employed.

Heres the deal…if Kaep had never protested, didn’t have a giant afro and wear socks depicting cops as pigs he almost assuredly has a job.  Is it racist that he doesn’t have a job because he’s done all those things?  Hell if I know but it doesn’t seem to be.  That’s business.  In America you have the freedom to say or do almost anything you want. The caveat people (SJWs) forget is that because you say something doesn’t mean anyone has to care or agree with you or not hold that against you, especially when it comes to employment.

Gerald Griggs and the NAACP…God bless you but just because you demand something doesn’t mean anyone is going to care.

To simpler times..

school boy kaep



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