McGregor v Mayweather Fight Party Will Be Fun If I Win $700 Million On The Power Ball

Full disclosure, I went in with 3 buddies so technically my share will be like $100 million after taxes but I digress.  I’m having a little shindig regardless but when I win, here are the upgrades I’m making.

#1 – Duh

girls in slutty tuxedo

You better believe that is what I googled.  The results were surprisingly bad but the idea is there.  What’s better than being waited on hand and foot by a very attractive lady wearing tasteful, barely there clothing?  (rhetorical)  What’s the wife think?  NOT A THING BECAUSE WE ARE RICH!

Image result for girls in slutty tuxedo serving drinks

#2 – Catering

Right now I’m thinking burgers, brats, fries…the usual.  Once I win the lottery???

Oh yeah, we’re eating boys.  Chef Bobby Flay will be flown in and put to work.  I watched way too many Bobby Flay grillling shows on the Food Network with the wifey to not have this dude in my backyard cooking up a feast.  Steaks on steaks on steaks.  As a kicker, I’m bringing Guy too.  Not to cook, just to hang out and make cocktails.

guy fieri

#3 – Beverages

I’ve warned the group that I will have nearly unlimited Miller Lite as well as a moderate liquor cabinet but they are to bring anything fancy they wish to consume.  That includes anything from fancy beers to Doug Douglas’ Evan Williams obsession.  We are going to do it right…

Image result for frank lipuma

Old Frankie Walnutz behind the bar whipping up the spirits. Unlimited alcohol of all varieties.  Probably finish it off with a little Pappy.


Image result for pappy van winkle

#4 – TV’s

I do have a 70″ mounted on the wall now that will suffice but it’s no Bravia 100″ 4k UltraHD TV.

bravio 100 inch

$55k is a little steep but why stop at 1?  I’d buy 4 and make a 400″  behemoth that would border on too big to even watch.   (Yes, I do have a wall on which this set up will fit.)

#5 – Cigars

Right now the plan is no cigars.  Cigars are like porn.  Fun while you are doing it and then immediately hate it after.  If we hit the big one we are going cigars for sure.  I would have a hole team of Cuban women rolling cigars.

Image result for women hand rolling cuban cigars

#6 – Plan For the Wife

This is maybe the most important of the 6 because if she isn’t having fun, no one is having fun.  Need to get her out of the house so I’m thinking, in order a) puppies, b) wine and then c) massage.

And there you have it.  I’m not asking for much.  Just Bobby Flay, 400″ of TV, Frank LiPuma back from New York and some puppies for my wife.  Who doesn’t love that?

What would you do?



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