Pricks In The North East Are Saying ‘On Line’ Instead Of ‘In Line’ and It’s Insanely Annoying

Everyone loves good old North Easterners, right?!  Exactly.  No one does (even other north easterners) and not just because they are rude, overvalue their worth and think their shit doesn’t stink.  That’s not even to mention the accents are atrocious, NY is basically the trash can Oscar The Grouch grew up in and they say incredibly ridiculous things like ON LINE.

Image result for people in line

Let’s get one thing out in the open, I’ve lived almost everywhere and I’ve certainly traveled everywhere.  I’ve spent time coast to coast and met a billion different people.  No one is perfect, but the North East is dog shit when it comes to people.   Look at the picture above this paragraph.  What would you say those people are doing?

If you say they are waiting on line you are an asshole. Let’s take a look at a line from a recent blog today by the Editor in Chief, Kmarko from Barstool Sports…

Noooooo!  Not the physical bank locations!!!  But I love waiting on line to get certified checks for my apartment security deposit! 

I had to read it 10 times to figure out he didn’t mean logging on to his computer/phone to access his bank.  I thought it was some ironic ploy because he was railing against physical banks.  NOPE.  Just says on line instead of in line like a dope.

There is a simple way to cure this madness: 1. Just say in line like a normal American or 2. Call it a queue.

Definition of queue

  1. 1:  a braid of hair usually worn hanging at the back of the head

  2. 2:  a waiting line especially of persons or vehicles

The British love queuing up for things.  So polite and organized. Join the queue they’ll say.  It’s fun!

Image result for british people bad teeth

Just say in line.

PS – if you think I didn’t spell queue, ‘que’ the first time you’d be dead wrong.  It looked very wrong and I had to look it up but we got it right eventually.


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