Instant #ATLUTD Post Game Reaction: DC United

Shit.  All 76 fans at the game were going bananas after that DC United win.  One own goal by el capitan is the difference.  LOSS 0-1.

What is it about DC United?  They simply have our number.  0 points against what is probably the worst team in the division is baffling but let’s think big picture.  10 things I think RIGHT NOW

  1. It was great to have the boys back.  That was an extremely long lay off and there was going to be some rust.
  2. Surprisingly, we started like a ball of fire and faded as the game grew.
  3. It’s an away game during the MLS season.  Any points picked up are gravy.
  4. REMINDER – we just need to make the playoffs.
  5. Follow Up – we are not great on the road so maybe getting a home game matters.
  6. Our play was SLOW.
  7. Almiron was good early but had too little influence on the game for his talent.
  8. Villalba continues to be the most frustrating player I’ve ever watched.
  9. Fox Sports Broadcast is appreciated but not great.  It’s a small thing but the broadcast is more than a minute behind live betting odds.  Gargan adds nothing.
  10. Great to have Martinez back. Let’s hope he shows up next game.

Philly coming up next on Saturday.  Another away game.  Need at least a point to get Mr. Momentum on our side for the big home stretch.


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