Jon Jones Tests Positive For Steroids, Stripped of Title

What is wrong with this guy?

Jones is the best fighter of his generation and also the biggest cunt.  I don’t use that word loosely but it is apropos.  Born with amazing genetics, Jones has simply throw his gift down the drain.  It’s hard to both impress and simultaneously destroy your name at the same time.

The lack of regard for the rules, in a sport who only recently adopted any, is heinous at best and unforgivable at worst.  Jones should be done in the UFC, plain and simple.  My hope is that Dana White agrees.

I loved him as a fighter, not so much as a person.  Let’s hope for his kid’s sake that he gets it together outside of the octagon.

Lastly, you have to feel for Daniel Cormier.  Dude was seeing tweety birds and getting interviewed by Joe Rogan after being knocked out and little did he know Jones was roiding.  You could see him questioning his own worth as a human.  The sad part is I’m 99% sure Jones would beat Cormier without training, let alone the added benefit of steroids.



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