Wayne Rooney Retires From England National Team

The Independent – Wayne Rooney has announced his retirement from international football with immediate effect, ending his reign as England captain after holding talks with manager Gareth Southgate.

This is a BRILLIANT move by Rooney.  This is a classic move for a guy who’s lost it, knows he lost it but has a couple of great days and calls it quits before he reverts back to the mean.

Roo completed his move back to Everton this summer, ending his reign as a bench warmer at Manchester United.  Yes, he was the leading scorer EVER at United just like he is with England but he was on the decline.

England Goal Scorers

The question was going to be there; do you pick an aging Wayne Rooney or are there better options?  (Kane, Vardy, Sturridge, Rashford, Welbeck, Gray) The World Cup is next summer and coaches tend to start formulating their roster at the tail end of qualifying.  While dropping Wayne looked an easy decision 8 months ago, hes now scored 2 goals in 2 games with his new team.  The question pops up again.

Wayne was smart to be the one to drop himself from contention.  It makes him think he’s going out on his terms.  It prevents Southgate from succombing to public pressure at the expense of a better or more useful player.  It’s a win-win for all involved.  Now just enjoy the brilliance that used to be WAYNE ROONEY!


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