floyd mayweather v conor mcgregor instant reaction

FUCK BOXING.  That is all.  No seriously.  What happened to boxing?  I remember 2 gladiators standing in front of each other exchanging blows until 1 person was left standing or the judges declared a winner.

What we just saw was not that.  Floyd Mayweather found a new loophole.  If you are in trouble, just turn your back!  No one is allowed to hit your head.  No one is allowed to hit your back.  Just turn your back and you get to recover and all is good!  FUCK, this dude is beating my assssss.   Whats the instinct?  turn you back?  just go.  REF will bail you out.

Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.  It’s also exhausting to throw that many punches at someone’s back.

The fact remains McGregor walked into someone else’s sport and pushed them to the limits.  He didn’t get embarrassed.  He didn’t get knocked out.  In fact, I half wanted it to go the distance to see how FUCKED the judges were.  This sport is dead.  Come on MMA!

The real kick in the nuts is the ref stopping it SUPER early and not seeing how crooked the boxing referees were.  That would have been fun. Did I say FUCK BOXING?


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