Doughboy is coming for you MFs

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.37.26 PM

I mean, just look at that squad. Was anyone else awake during the draft?


Two Young Guns, Cousins and Winston both poised for huge seasons

Running Backs

I got RB depth that would confuse Belichick. My biggest headache this season will not be my opponents or even injuries, but figuring out who the hell I can bench. Gurley will be a top 5 back, Crowell will be top 10, Joe Mixon will win Rookie of the year, Gillislee will punch in 15+ rushing TDs in New England, and Tevin Coleman will look to top 1000 total yards for the 2nd year in a row.  Scary

Wide Receivers

Even scarier? My WR depth is better than my RB depth. Beckham Jr (top5), A.J. Green (top5), Keenan Allen(top12), Allen Robinson (top15) & Martavis Bryant (top20). So many top 20 WRs that my dick gets hard just thinking about it. What was everyone doing while I was drafting my pick of the litter?

Tight Ends

Delanie Walker – Boring but good. I still don’t understand why leagues include Tight Ends as a mandatory roster spot. They are basically kickers. Outside of Gronkowski’s crazy ass (Tugboat severely overpaid), I really do hate Tight Ends. I plan on owning Gronk and Brady by week 3. Pay attention and watch me work my magic




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  1. Did you take a screenshot from your gameboy? Shit is blurrier than your stolen cable. Second place is up for grabs. Get in line bitches


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