CFB Ticket Reserve Values of the Week

This is a new series every week where your boy, Doug Douglas, will be bringing you the best value buys of the week on the college football National Championship ticket reserve market. You might ask what the hell I am talking about. Well, a site about 10 years ago allowed you to purchase the “Ticket Reserves” for each team for a possible game in the National Championship. Now you are not buying the ticket, you are buying the right to purchase that ticket at face value should that team make the championship game (much like a PSL that you pay for to reserve a season ticket for an NFL franchise). The purchase price of each ticket reserve will fluctuate throughout the season based on the strength of the team, big wins and possible easiest paths to the National Championship. So the strategy is to play this like the stock market… Buy low, sell high. So what I’m going to do here on a weekly basis is to bring you the best Buy Low opportunities and/or Sell Highs.

I’ve just made my first purchases on the site so these are obviously my best value plays for this week:

Wisconsin – Bought 4 tickets @ $40 each | $160 total

Washington – Bought 4 tickets @ $35 each | $140 total

Auburn – Bought 2 tickets @ $43 each | $86 total

So I’m invested for $386 total at this point and will no doubt be active throughout the season. The thinking behind these purchases over everyone else is that I believe these are three teams that have VERY strong chances to be in the playoff talks come the end of the season as they are all extremely talented. Not only that but Wisconsin and Washington have relatively easy paths to their conference championship games so their value should only continue to rise throughout the season so we MUST get in early on these teams. As for Auburn, I feel they will beat Clemson in week 2 so their value will sky rocket after that win.

Here are some other plays I considered:

  • Louisville – $46
  • Oklahoma St. – $40
  • Miami – $38
  • Stanford – $34
  • Oregon – $34
  • USF – $26

We’ll be back next week with more!



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