Mercedes Benz ATL United Home Opener on the First NFL Sunday is Problematic

I’m excited but conflicted.  The anticipation has nearly killed me but now I’m wondering if season tickets even make sense.  The jersey is washed and ready for Sunday but I have about $250 worth of Draft Kings NFL line-ups to set.  Problematic

What a weird feeling.  Yes, it’s new for us ATL Utd fans.  Maybe you veteran MLS fans are used to this feeling.  This is our first season of absolute fandom leaching into the crisp fall air of NFL Sundays.  Maybe it’s because our squad had like a month off then put up 2 absolute dog shit performances….  Maybe I’m just not that into it!

Truth be told, this is all just pregame jitters.  I’m pumped for our true home opener at the Benz.  Mrs Duke and I went to the grand opening event for founding members and let me tell you, this place is impressive.  Is it better than Bobby Dodd?  Oh I don’t know; is being alive better than being dead?  Is chocolate better than vanilla?  Are beaches better than snow capped mountains?  Is a Mercedes better than a Volkswagen?

Will I miss the RedZone channel and quad box?  Sure.  But the countdown started a long time ago and come 3pm on Sunday, the NFL will be an afterthought in this blogger’s mind.



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