Draft Kings Pick Em English Premier League PICKS are LIVE! 9/30/17 10AM Slate

UPDATE:  9:15 – Team news is in for the 10am games.  Arnautovic isn’t in the starting 11.  Remove from all lineups.  No Martial.  Rashford Miki and Mata will sit underneath Lukaku.  All 3 are in play.  Vardy STARTS!

UPDATE: Starting to lean towards a Man City win.  Luiz is out for Chelsea.  Sterling can’t stop scoring.  I like Sterling, Jesus and Sane.  Chelsea gave heart and soul against Atletico on Wednesday.  Can they get back up for this straight away??

UPDATE: 9:32 – Reminder that Rashford has to do a ton of defensive work when Young is at LB.  I’m leaning more towards Miki and Mata for United.  

Last weekend was so close to being great.  As you can see, the weekend got off to a HOT start..


I absolutely nailed the write up again but didn’t quite put the right combinations together to really murder the slate.  Overall?  Still crushed and finished 2nd in the big GPP.


Big shout out to Steve who ended up winning his first GPP tourney on our advice!  Psst.  Vardy did score and he did win the tournament.


Battery was a struggle last Saturday…but enough about results last week, let’s get to this week’s slate.

epl 9.30 betting

9.30 T1

Aguero was just in a car accident and broke his ribs.  HE GONE.  I like that we have options if we want to attack the afternoon hammer game.  Miki has scored in 2 of his last 3.  He also nearly scored a second against CSKA midweek.  Can he keep it up?  Crystal Palace are shit so we definitely want to keep an eye on it.  Morata is option 1 for me.  The kid just can’t stop scoring goals.  At home against a somewhat suspect City central defense has me interested.  For me, Hazard is not fully back yet.  I don’t mind missing on him here if he does go off.  Can KDB pick up the slack for Aguero?  Eh…I kind of see that game as 2-1 Chelsea.  Let’s rank em

TIER 1:  Morata, Miki, KDB, Hazard

9.30 T2

Jesus is the obvious bump.  He should start up top but will City score?  Well they’ve scored 24 goals in September over 6 games for 4/game average.  City is a team that you will need to see the lineup to know where to go.  I think AT LEAST 1 of Sterling and Jesus will start and they both might.  They are 1/2 in my list.  You have to see United putting 2-3 goals in against CP.  Martial is in the form of his life and prefer him.  Shaqiri at home is very interesting.  Southampton simply don’t score.  Could he pop in a goal and get a clean sheet to boot???  Fuck Chicharito and his goals off his throat on a fluke rebound.  If you want to get funky he might pop one in.  Let’s rank em..

TIER 2: Jesus, Martial (if he starts), Sterling, Shaqiri, Rashford – Zero shares of Chicharito for me as it stands

9.30 T3

This tier is so dependent on who starts and expects to get the 90 minutes.  Sane hasn’t been super productive yet in the EPL but I LOVE him as a player.  Chelsea are tough, especially at home and I don’t expect City to score more than 2 so we can’t go all in…  Silva is another option from this game.  He’s heavily reliant on assists and set pieces.  I’m not sure I’m super in love with this spot.  Stanislas has been scoring at will but is that maintainable from the midfield?  I think I’d rather have Defoe…(more on that later)  Arnautovic is absolute quality and assuming he starts might be due for a goal.  Vardy would be head of the list if he was healthy.  He’s not.  Mahrez?? Eh.  Carroll?  Nah.  Fraser?  Great name, doesn’t do much for me.  Let’s rank em.

TIER 3: Sane,Vardy, Silva, Arnautovic,

9.30 T4

Lukaku scores at least 1 but I have a feeling Mata (if he starts) pops up with one himself.  Richarlison has shown he can play at this level.  West Brom are notoriously stingy at home. Tadic is consistent but not spectacular.  Can King exploit the backline of Leicester?  I think so. Willian is in poor form.  Fabregas seems to disappear in games like this and probably won’t start.  Batshuayi scored the winner at midweek but most likely will start from the bench.  Not a ton to love here to be honest.  Let’s rank em.

TIER 4: Mata, Richarlison, King, Pedro (maybe 1 share)

9.30 T59.30 T5b

Let me start by saying this:  Defoe won’t play 90 minutes.  Defoe hasn’t played 90 minutes all year.  BUT, if I had to put my life savings one someone from this tier scoring a goal it would be him.  Thankfully we don’t have to do that and play within our means all the time, riiiight guys??   Other players I like?  Albrighton has trailed off a bit but won’t get you a 0 which is nice. Abraham has impressed me this season but more so in general than with his form in front of goal.  The Choupo-Moting brace against United is still fresh in my brain.  Deeney is fat and still finding his fitness.  He hasn’t started a game yet this year.  I DON’T like Bernardo Silva.  I think he’s over hyped by a mile.  The outside backs for United are solid but Valencia is good for a yellow/red so be weary of that.  Blind can pop up with an assist.  Let’s rank em and fair warning, I’m close to just picking 1 or 2 and going all in.  This tier stinks.  Rondon/Rodriguez both start…

TIER 5: Defoe, Albrighton, Blind, Ayew,

9.30 T6a9.30 T6b

Courtois is interesting.  At home, Chelsea getting their shit together, him being very fucking good….  But I think I’m going heavy on Butland.  Southampton just can’t score goals.  It’s CRAZY because they aren’t a terrible team.  Gabbiadini has cost me several hundred american dollars with his poor form and Shane Long is a worker but not much of a finisher.  I could see Butland having a 2 save, clean sheet with a win bonus day.  I also like Foster as well in what should be a low scoring game.  Let’s rank em.

TIER 6: Butland, Foster, Hart??



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