Draft Kings Pick Em English Premier League PICKS are LIVE! 10/14/17 10AM Slate

AND WE’RE BACK!!  Thank God the international break is over.  I’ve been losing my ass on NFL and we need to get back to winning ways.  Let’s not waste time, I know what you’re here for.

epl 10.13.17

epl 10.13.17 betting

Interesting little slate here.  Initial thoughts?  There are going to be plenty of goals scored this weekend.  We have all the big boys except United.  Ownership will trend towards these players but just find the goals!!

epl 10.13.17 T1

Let me start with this:  In his last 5 games with City, De Bruyne has gone for 25, 17, 22, 7, 22 and 22.  Hello cash game play.  Tottenham are at Wembley.  You know what that means, right?  They stink! Ok they don’t totally stink but they haven’t exactly lit the world on fire.  If Kane was here I’d consider it but does that mean you just plug in Erikson?  He has the highest FPPG and is at home so he will have ownership.  Bournemouth have been trash.  Does he score?  Doe he pick up 2 assists?  Those are the type of numbers that are going to lead this tier. There is a rumor that Aguero is coming back early from his injury.  I’m not buying that but even if he makes the bench you need to keep that in mind.  Outside of a fluke draw v Everton where they had 19 shots but only scored once, City have been a force at home.  Both Jesus and De Bruyne are in play.  Hazard scored 2 against Cyprus but he did play 150+ minutes over the weekend/start of the week.  Keep that in mind as well. Speaking of big minutes, Sanchez played the full 180 for Chile and suffered a heartbreaking loss to Brazil only a few days ago.  The long and short is these boys are going to put up points.  If you pick 5 teams do 2 with one, 2 with another and the final lineup with a 3.  Gotta make a stand somewhere.  Let’s rank em.


TIER 1:DeBruyne, Jesus, Ericksen, Hazard, Sanchez, 

epl 10.13.17 T2

Find the goal…  Sterling could certainly find himself on the score sheet.  If not, he will find an assist or two.  Alli is out.  Silva?  Nah.  Batshayi?  He’s been playing more and if Morata is ruled out he’ll be a sneaky great option.  When Batshuayi got 90 minutes for Chelsea he scored 25 FPP with a goal.  Ozil?  Will he even play?  He’s STUNK this year.  Stay away.  Arsenal away is tough.  Which leads me to Lacazette.  The guy can play at this level. He’s proved that.  Can he finish?  Has he really only finished the 90 minutes ONCE for Arsenal?  Yikes.  Son is electric but is SO hit or miss.  Not a cash play at all.  Let’s ranke em.


TIER 2:  Sterling, Silva, Batshuayi, ALLI, Hueng-Min, Lacazette

epl 10.13.17 T3

Now we get a little funky and I love it.  Mooy put in an astonishing 20 crosses V Australia over the break, a break that included 200 minutes.  Brady is solid but unspectacular.  He is involved in set pieces so you have some guaranteed points.   Sane hasn’t been in the best form and failed to find the score sheet even though his nation scored 8 goals over 2 games.  The Chelsea trio makes me nervous.  Why?  Because Kante might not play.  That means everyone has to pick it up defensively with their work rate, taking away from their attacking play.  I have a weird feeling that Giroud starts and scores.  Let’s rank em.


TIER 3: Giroud, Mooy, Sane, Brady

epl 10.13.17 T4

I don’t see many goals here.  Chicharito is on the road against a stingy Burnley.  Shaqiri will be defending for 73% of the game.  Ayew v Huddersfield?  Nah.  Tammy Abraham??  Maybeee.  So what are we looking for?  Easy points.  Ben Davies, with Tottenham, will be part of a team that will have the majority of the ball.  He will get crosses in the box.  He can pop up with the odd goal.  He’d be my cash game play.  Stanislas has been so solid all year but Spurs are tough at the back.  Alonso is good to pur 4-8 crosses into the box.  If you want all or nothing look for Abraham/Chicharito.  If you just want to survive this tier go with Davies, Shaqiri or Alonso.

TIER 4:  Davies, Shaqiri, Alonso, Abraham/Chicharito, Arnautovic

epl 10.13.17 T5epl 10.13.17 T5 - 2

Richarlison.  Just put him in.  He’s won me so much money it’s sick.  You need shares of him and if you are only using 1 team I would recommend you stick him in.  Arsenal are decimated at the back.  Now, he isn’t the only option in this tier.  Cresswell is about as solid as they get.  His last 5 games for example:  13, 16, 12, 16, 18.  Another note, he didn’t record a single assist during that stretch.  Don’t bank on one but if he finds the head of Carroll on one of those crosses and he’s going ham.  I don’t know that Zaha is healthy.  If he is, he can cause the back line of Chelsea some trouble.  He’s good to get fouled 5 times a game.  Other than that, you are going all or nothing.  If Sakho starts (A BIG IF) then he is in good goal scoring form.  Carroll could score but I don’t trust him.  Antonio was a DFS beast last year but hasn’t done much this year.  Walker and Aurier don’t really put enough crosses in the box to be relevant.  One name to keep in mind is Gundogan.  IF he gets the start, which is unlikely, you can plug him in at low ownership.

TIER 5:  Richarlison, Cresswell, Trippier (if he starts), sneaky Gundogan (if he starts)

epl 10.13.17 T6

AHHHH Fuck GKs man.  I hate that this is often the decider between thousands of dollars and $50.  Even more of a reason for us to put good thought into this.  I like home teams and probable wins.  Who’s that?  Eh, probably win?  Nobody.  By design.  Pope has been in great form and West Ham really hasn’t.  Do we just go Pope?  Outside of getting smoked by Tottenham, Huddersfield have kept games low scoring.  Is Fabianski an option?

In order, the best odds to win are:

Arsenal (Cech) -160 – AWAY

Swans (Fabianski) +110 – HOME

Burnley (Pope) +160 – HOME

West Ham (Hart) +185 – AWAY

Huddersfield (Lossl) +275 – AWAY

Watford (Gomes) +400 – HOME

Let’s rank em.

TIER 6: Cech, Pope, Fabianksi, Gomes (Low Owned GPP)


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