EPL Pick Em Preview for 11/4 Slate is LIVE!

Hey kids!  Another successful weekend for your boy Duke.  The tourneys are getting smaller and smaller on the Pickem side so I’ll starting throwing some Classic tourney picks in starting next week.  As for this week, I’m taking Mrs Duke to the big apple for some alone time.  In saying that, I won’t have nearly as much time to update the article after the team news is released.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!  There are always surprises so be sure to check in.  Here we go!


First impressions:  Gross.  While Sunday is full of blockbusters, Saturday is a pretty gross slate of games.  As always, finding goals will be key.  Having the afternoon hammer include the team with the highest expected goal total is both fun and fucking horrible.  Not knowing who Klopp is going to roll out makes picking players with limited options a gamble.  Take Trent Alexander-Arnold for example.  He is the only available player from Tier 5 in this game.  Can you go there?  We’ll discuss later.

epl 11.7 betting

3 totals of 2 goals, (1) 2.5 total and the afternoon game with a total of 3 and juice on the under.  Ah damn.  Here we go!

epl 11.7 1

Gotta have exposure to the Liverpool side of this game.  West Ham are leaky at the back, as proven by the absolute collapse last week to turn a sure win into a tie.  Sturridge popped up with a goal.  Firmino scored as well.  Salah is always dangerous.  Coutinho is the main man, ESPECIALLY since he didn’t play at midweek against hapless Marimorlotlsoa or whatever.  I would have liked to see him get a 15 minute run out to score a quick goal and build the confidence but I digress.  I think the ownership will be mostly split between Coutinho and Salah.  They are my top 2 in the tier.  Again, if Sturridge starts (which he probably will as he scored midweek) then that downgrades Firmino.  Matt Ritchie takes all set pieces for Newcastly and pops up with the odd assist now and then.  Don’t forget about him and a decent spot to differentiate.  Let’s rank em.

TIER 1:  Coutinho, Salah, Sturridge, Ritchie, Firmino

epl 11.7 2

If Milner stays in the midfield he’s on the list of plays.  He has been increasingly influential the last few weeks for Liverpool.  Coutinho could stifle that a bit but still a play.  Tammy Abraham would probably be first or second choice at Chelsea, let alone Swansea.  Him at home is good enough for me to find the scoresheet.  Mooy is set up much better than last week to influence the game.  You know it’s going to be a grind it out type of game so don’t expect a bonanza but he’s solid.  As always, Gabbiadini could score 0 DK points or score 2 goals.  Burnley are SOLID so I’m certainly not playing him in cash.  Let’s rank em.

TIER 2:  Milner, Abraham, Mooy, Tadic, Gabbiadini (GPP Flier)

epl 11.7 3

This is a bit of a shit group with low totals.  We need points where we can get them.

Gross has surpassed 10 points each of the last 3 weeks.  He’s also tallied an assist in each game.  Is that sustainable? I don’t know about that.  I’m more interested in the 6, 7, and 12 crosses he’s put in the box in 3 of the last 4 games. Stanislos is OUT.  Do not roster him.  Mitrovic is a flat track bully with an uneven scoring record.  Pass.  Brady = 10, 7, 9.  Crosses in the last 3.  Love me some Brady.  Ayew has been hot.  I think that is where my interest ends. Lets rank em.

TIER 3: Brady, Ayew, Grob —  If Gayle or Long start you can take absolute fliers on them but DO NOT roster them in cash.

epl 11.7 4

Lot of WH and Liv options here.  I think that is where we attack.  Fucking Chicharito…this guy.  He’s SOOOO bad now yet the Little Pea finds a way to get on the scoresheet on occasion.  This is my obligatory mention of his name.  I’ll still let others chase the points while I’m right more often than not.  Whoever starts at LB is a good play.  Moreno has looked better of late but Robertson is a great option if he gets the nod.  He hasn’t played a ton and will be motivated to prove himself.  Antonio is OUT.  Do not roster. IF Lanzini gets the start I don’t hate this play to be different.  Pass on OX.  Lets rank em.

TIER 4: Moreno/Robertson, Lanzini, Chicharito, Redmond

epl 11.7 5epl 11.7 5 2

I LOVE Alexander-Arnold as a player and as a DFS stud.  If you are noticing a theme here we are ATTACKING WEST HAM!  I don’t think you can roster one in every tier but I’m OK with 3 plays.  He’s the play in this tier if he gets the start. When he starts he gets 90 minutes. To be honest I haven’t watched a ton of Hemed but I like this spot in a relatively weak tier.  Brunt is solid but not spectacular.  Atsu has the best chance to get on the scoresheet in this tier but I wouldn’t call it likely.  Chadli is a player who puts points on the board when he gets 90 minutes.  Bertrand/Soares are former DFS studs who haven’t produced so far this year. Lets rank em.

TIER 5: Alexander-Arnold, Hemed, Soares, Brunt, Chadli

epl 11.7 6

GOALIES.  Fucking weirdos who make or break our weekend. Lossl seems like the #1 option to me.  Elliot followed by Fabianski are where I’m putting my money.  To be different, have a look at Foster.

TIER 6:  Lossl, Elliot, Fabianski, Foster


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